Check out information on career options in Arts, Law & Language

Arts, Law & Language

Careers in Gemology
The lucrative and astounding gemology industry has several career options to offer. Browse through this piece to discover career opportunities, education, and courses for gemologists in India.

Careers as an Archivist
The study of archival science can be a lucrative as well as exciting career option. Know about the career options, opportunities, courses, and education to become an archivist in India.

Careers in Political Science
Political science as a career option is very challenging and gratifying. Learn about distinct career opportunities, courses, and education in political science in India.

Careers In Arts
The field of arts opens up a myriad career options and job opportunities. Learn about courses and education in the field of arts in India, with this write-up.

Careers in Language
Making a career in the field of language has become a lucrative option in India. Learn about opportunities, courses and institutes in language.

Careers in Office Administration
Building a career as office administrator has become among the popular options in India. Find information about courses & education in office administration in India.

Careers in Linguistics
There are number of career options and growth opportunities, when it comes to linguistics. Colleges in India have come up with various courses, to impart quality education in this field.

Careers in Teaching
Teaching has emerged as a very lucrative and respectable career option in India. Know about various courses and education for teachers in the country.

Careers in Performing Arts
Performing arts has emerged as one of the best career options in India. Find information about opportunities, various courses and education in the field of performing arts in India.

Career as Law Clerk
Career as law clerk is lucrative in India as well as abroad. Learn about opportunities, courses and education for law clerks in India.

Careers in Language Translation
Language translator has emerged as one of the lucrative career options in India. Many colleges are conducting various courses and are imparting quality education in the field of language translation.

Careers in English Language
Globalization has multiplied the number of job opportunities for English graduates. They can seek employment in various fields like media, publishing, tour and travel and industries.

Careers in Foreign Languages
Job prospects for foreign language students ranges from translator and interpretator to tourist guide, hotels and airlines, teaching, freelancing and call centres.

Careers in Economics
Economics gives wide scale opportunities in public and private sectors including banks, financial institutions, stock exchange, media, teaching and consulting firms.

Careers in Legal Consultancy
The field of legal consultancy offers great career options and opportunities.

Careers in Fine Arts
Fine arts professionals can get themselves employed in publishing and media houses, textile industry, advertising agencies and production houses with lucrative pay packages.

Careers in Law
The field of law offers huge career options and opportunities. A law graduated /lawyer can work in government department, law firms, industries, corporate houses, NGOs, educational institutions and take up private practise.

Careers in Geography
Geography is a multi-disciplinary subject covering areas like physical features, climate, ocean, environment, people and economy. Therefore, the career options available in this field are multi-faceted and remunerative.

Careers in Library Science
Library Science gives vast opportunities of employment in public as well as private sector museums, galleries, archives, universities, media, research institutes and documentation centre.

Careers in Anthropology
Anthropology is the study of Human evolution. An anthropologist can find jobs in public sector research institutes, academic institutions, corporate houses, industries and international agencies.

Careers in Archaeology
Archaeology gives wide opportunities in public and private sector including museums, galleries, archives and as tour guide, heritage manager etc.

Career in Psychology
Psychology provides many job opportunities in schools, collages, hospitals, prisons, NGOs, industries and corporate houses.

Career in Social Work
Social Work as a career provides many opportunities. It includes working in government's developmental projects, NGOs, Industry, corporate houses and international agencies.

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