Psychology provides many job opportunities in schools, collages, hospitals, prisons, NGOs, industries and corporate houses.

Career in Psychology

Psychology is the study of mind. More precisely, it is scientific and systematic study of human and animal mind, behaviour and thought. The main area of psychological study is motives, reactions, feelings and nature of human and animal mind. They study the changes in the behavioural pattern of the patient and counsel them to bring changes in their thought process and thereby improving their quality of life. Because of excessive material pursuits in life people are often suffer from mental frustration and depression due to lack of proper and adequate emotional support. Thus, there is growing demands for psychological councilors.

Course Details
Many collages and universities in India offer psychology as a subject right from Plus Tow levels. Psychology can be studied as an Honors subject at graduation level in most of the collages and universities. At the master's and doctoral level, psychology becomes increasingly specialized in specific fields of applied psychology like social psychology, child psychology, clinical psychology and educational psychology. To be a good psychologist there should be certain qualities like genuine interest in people and empathy for their problems, sensitive, caring, patience and communication skill.

Career Prospects
The multi-faceted nature of the subject opens up wide range of job opportunities for psychologists. They can seek to be employed in schools, collages, universities as a councilor particularly for those who have specialization in educational psychology. There are huge demands for clinical psychologists in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Now a day various developmental agencies, rehabilitation centres, prisons, child/ youth guidance centres and NGOs are recruiting counseling psychologists for counseling and rehabilitation of mentally retarded people, old aged, victim of violence, war, drugs addict and child labours.

Moreover, industries and corporate houses also require psychologists for personnel administration, management and marketing problems. Psychologists can seek a job is industry to suggest methods of improving working conditions and productivity of the employees. Today the most effective ways of marketing is advertisement and endorsement through various means. Thus, psychologist can also opt for a career in consumer psychology who gives proper feedback about consumers' reactions to products or services.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
Several Universities across the country offer various courses: Bachelor, Master, M.phil., Ph.D. and other applied courses in psychology. Some prominent among them are University of Delhi, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi; Sardar Patel University, Gujarat; Gurunanak Dev University, Amritsar; University of Calcutta, Kolkota; Jodhpur University, Barkhatullah Viswavidyalaya, Bhopal; Kuruskhetra University, Haryana and Mysore University, Mysore.

Work of a professional psychologist is very tough but remunerative. Remuneration depends upon qualification, specialization and experience. Psychologist in school, collages and NGOs can easily get Rs 8000 to 10000 per month. In corporate house and industries earning is even higher. Teaching psychology is also a profitable job. However those are in private practice have also have good earnings.

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