Explore the article to know about the exam pattern/test paper pattern of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Indian Engineering Services Examination.

IES Exam Pattern

UPSC Indian Engineering Services Examination or IES exam is among the highly competitive job entrance exams in India. The recruitment exam is conducted in order to shortlist potential aspirants for engineering services in government sector under four categories, which comprises of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. The final selection of the aspirants depends on their performance in the written examination, followed by personality test. Numerous test centers have been allocated by the Commission, across the country. The candidates, who meet the eligibility criteria, can choose the center as per their convenience.
UPSC Indian Engineering Services Test Paper Pattern
UPSC Engineering Services Examination comprises of the following two sections, for the final selection of the candidate:
Part I includes written exam, which is further divided into various sub-sections.
Part II includes Personality Test.
The written examination comprises of following five sections:
  • The paper-I is General Ability Test, which is further divided into two sections- General English and General Studies.
  • The paper-II & Paper-III contains objective questions under following four sub-sections: Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering  
  • The paper-III & paper IV comprises of conventional type questions testing the candidate’s potential under following four sub-sections: Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering 
Equal 200 marks have been assigned for each paper making the total to 1000 marks. In order to attempt objective papers two hours for each paper have been allotted while to conventional papers time limit of three hours have been fixed. The candidates are required to answer conventional paper in English medium only. Even the paper will also be set in English language only. Under any circumstances, the candidates have to write the papers in their own handwriting. In case, the candidate’s handwriting is not legible, 5% of the maximum marks of paper will be deducted.
The answer will be judged on the basis of accuracy, precise, systematic and organized information. The Commission holds the prudence to fix qualifying marks in all the subjects of the examination. As per the plan of examination, section-I containing objective questions will be examined first. The section-II will be examined only of those candidates, who scores minimum qualifying marks as fixed by the commission in section-I. The candidates are advised to use only International form of Indian numerals (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc) while answering the questions.
Personality Test:
The part- II of UPSC Engineering Services Examination is Personality Test, which comprises of total 200 marks. The candidates, who qualify the first part, are short-listed for part-II. In Personality Test, candidate’s leadership, initiative taking skills along with intellectual curiosity, tact and other social qualities, mental and physical energy, powers of practical application and integrity of character are being assessed.

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