The following article highlights the importance of interview in UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Indian Economic Service (IES) exam selection process.

Indian Economic Service Exam Interview

Indian Economic Service (IES) examination is among the prestigious competitive examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Candidates selected in IES examination are offered Grade IV officers jobs in various departments of the Government of India. They have the privilege to work with Tariff Commission, Labor Bureau, the Planning Commission, Central Electricity Authority, Economic Advisers to many ministries, Forward Market Commission, Planning Board, Tariff Commission National sample survey and other allied offices where specialists in Economics are required. Candidates who have done post graduate degree from a recognized university in Economics/ Business Economics/ Applied Economics / Econometrics for Indian Economic Service are eligible to apply.
After the IES written exam, merit list is prepared, which is followed by interview. The interview carries 250 marks and the score obtained by the candidates in the interview is added to the marks obtained by them in the written examination. The candidates have to be thoroughly prepared for the interview. Apart from the economics subject, the interviewers put expression and intelligence of the candidates under close scrutiny. Candidates also need to prepare well in the allied subjects like Geography, Indian Polity, Science and Technology, etc.
Preparing by conducting mock interviews may also help the candidates in developing confidence to appear for IES Exam interview. The Indian Economic Service interview marks make up about 22% of the total marks. Therefore, thorough preparation is required to succeed in IES examination. Apart of all the above said points, one must also keep in mind that preparation of the interview is a constant process. One must be prepared to answer the questions on hobbies and extra curricular activities. One should also know the strengths and weaknesses.
Indian Economic Service Examination Interview Tips
  • You must have a positive body language. You should ensure that they maintain the right posture throughout the interview.
  • Answer clearly and confidently.
  • Do not get nervous and maintain calm throughout the interview session.
  • It is important to remain composed even when faced with provocative questions.
  • Avoid getting into long winded explanations. Give the answers to the point only.
  • Try to avert the expression, 'I am sorry.'
  • Abstain conversational clichés, for example ‘that’s correct', 'as you know', 'of course', 'obviously', 'indeed', etc.
  • Make use of technical jargon only when the interviewer continues to probe you into the technical field.
  • You should be able to present yourself as a cheerful disposition. From time to time, you can appear serious; but most of the time, keep smiling or look cheerful and composed. Only smile when the Board members laugh.
  • Avoid giving long introductions. Try to go straight to the heart of the matter.
  • Try to highlight human concern whenever possible, in your answers
  • Try to be logically consistent and analyze things rationally while talking
  • Avoid making hasty or sweeping generalizations.

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