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Films are a rage in India and filmstars in India are treated as demigods. In fact Indian film industry is the second biggest film industry after Hollywood. In recent times Indian films have made rapid strides, both in terms of technique and content.

Indian television industry too is growing at an impressive pace. In the last few years a number of private TV channels have come up and the influence and viewership of TV too has gone up manifolds. In a nutshell there are a plenty of career opportunities in Film & TV Industry.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk of a career in films or TV is acting or direction. But film-making or television involves much more than that. It includes cinematography, art direction, audiography, editing, and a number of other technical things.

Film & TV courses equip a candidate with the various nuances of film making. Some of the famous film and TV colleges in India are:

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