The increasing crime rate has given rise to increase in demand for crime laboratory technicians. Learn about courses, opportunities/careers, and education for crime lab technicians in India.

Careers in Crime Labs

Crime laboratory technicians, also known as forensic science technicians, play an important role in the administration of justice. A crime laboratory technician uses scientific methods to collect documents and analyze all the evidences related to a crime. One has to work closely with security agencies, because the evidences given by them are used for solving a case. Crime lab technicians must be able to collect and secure evidence from crime scenes, collect fingerprint images, co-operate in taking photographs of crime scenes, and prepare samples and answers for processing, filing, record keeping, and cleaning. As a crime laboratory analyst, one should pay complete attention to all details regarding the crime scene. In addition to this, the person should develop interpersonal skills and should be able to work as part of a team. To become a crime laboratory technician, one should have knowledge of science, mathematics, statistics, technology, and law. The career prospects as a crime laboratory technician are expected to grow due to the impact of forensic science on conducting investigations of murders. Keeping this in mind, a number of institutions in India have introduced courses related to crime laboratory technology at various degree levels.

Course Details
Many educational institutes in India have started offering courses in the field of crime lab technology. These courses are provided mostly at postgraduate degree or diploma levels. Apart from this, one can also pursue short-term as well as certificate courses in this field. To be eligible for the postgraduate degree/diploma courses, candidates should be graduates in Biology/Chemistry/Biochemistry/Forensic Science, from any recognized University. Several organizations are now hiring crime lab technicians on the basis of work experience in the relevant field.

Career Prospects
After pursuing a course in the field of crime lab technology, one can work as a ballistics technician, chemical or physical analysis technician, documents technician, fingerprint technician, instruments technician, etc in state or central law enforcement agencies or forensic laboratories of private detective agencies.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
In the current scenario, many educational institutions in India are conducting courses in crime laboratory technology. Some of the prominent institutes in India are: Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, University of Delhi, New Delhi and Institute of Criminology & Forensic Science, Anna University, Chennai.

The salary of crime lab technicians may vary from one organization to the other. For fresh candidates, the salary package may seem to be low, but with experience, one can draw a decent five figure salary.

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