Aircraft maintenance engineering is a lucrative career option. Learn about distinct career options/opportunities, courses, and education for aircraft maintenance engineers in India.

Careers in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

The primary function of aircraft maintenance engineers is to keep the aircraft in perfect flying condition at the time of take-off. The recent growth in the aviation industry and entrance of many foreign airlines in India has created enough opportunities in the field of aircraft maintenance engineering. In addition to this, the Indian Government's open sky policy in the aviation field has proved to be an added advantage. The aircraft engineers mainly deal with the construction, repair, and maintenance of the aircraft in the technical level. It has become a lucrative career option among the youngsters as aircraft maintenance engineers fall under one of the most elite groups of people of the aviation industry, who boast of a very bulk salary package and sheer prestige. Those, who have enough courage, dedication, good sense of practical diligence, and professionalism, can build their career in aircraft maintenance engineering.

Course Details
Aircraft maintenance engineering courses are offered at graduation level in many colleges. To make a career in aircraft maintenance engineering, one must be a 10+2 pass with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as main subjects. Candidates with three-year diploma in any branch of engineering are also eligible for the Bachelorís course in technology. But a 10+2 pass student in any stream can apply only at Flytech Aviation Academy (Secunderabad) as an exception. The course duration is mostly 3-4 years, depending upon the syllabus offered by the respective institute. With a graduation degree in aircraft maintenance engineering, one can apply for a Masterís program in the same field. Since it is a license-based course, one should apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Licensing Examination conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), after completing aircraft maintenance engineering program.

Career Prospects
An aircraft maintenance engineer, after obtaining a license from DGCA, can get attractive job offers in several fields of the aviation industry, including airports and aircraft manufacturing/maintenance firms. They can even join private airlines for better pay packages. There is no limit of growth for hard-working and dedicated professionals. Since aircraft engineers are in great demand globally, they even can join aviation industries abroad, which will provide them whooping salary packets with good incentives.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
Aircraft maintenance engineering courses are offered in the following apex institutes: Indian Institute of Aeronautics (New Delhi), Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science (Jamshedpur), Hindustan Institute of Aeronautics (Bhopal), Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (Patna), Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering (Patna), Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science (Kolkata), and Flytech Aviation Academy (Secunderabad). Besides, some other DGCA approved institutes also offers such courses throughout India. Aeronautical Training Institute (Lucknow), Azad Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering (Lucknow), Alpine Institute of Aeronautics (Dehradun), Budha Institute of Engineering and Aeronautics (New Delhi), Center for Civil Aviation (New Delhi), and Training College of Aeronautical Engineering and Technology (Meerut) are a few to name.

The remuneration offered to aircraft maintenance engineers is very attractive. In the beginning of their career, they can easily get anything between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 40,000 per month. With the increase of experience, the salary can raise up to lakhs, in a quick span of time.

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