IIT JEE 2011 Syllabus

IIT Joint Entrance Exam, popularly known as IIT JEE, is conducted every year on a rotational basis, by the 15 Indian Institutes of Technology, as well as Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU) Varanasi and Indian School of Mines (ISM) Dhanbad. The entrance test is conducted for admission of candidates into various undergraduate and postgraduate level courses in the field of engineering, pharmacy and design, offered by these institutes. IIT JEE 2011 will be conducted on April 10, 2011, by IIT Kanpur.

Syllabus for IIT Joint Entrance Exam 2011

The syllabus for IIT JEE 2011 can be divided into four parts - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Aptitude Test. The following lines will explain you, in detail, the syllabus of each of these subjects.


Chemistry Syllabus for IIT JEE 2011

Practical organic chemistry, properties and uses of some important polymers, carbohydrates, amino acids and peptides, phenols, reactions of benzene, preparation, properties and reactions of alkanes, preparation, properties and reactions of alkenes and alkynes, organic chemistry concepts, extractive metallurgy, principles of qualitative analysis, preparation and properties of the following compounds, extractive metallurgy, transition elements (3d series), preparation and properties of the following compounds, inorganic chemistry, preparation and properties of compounds, inorganic chemistry, nuclear chemistry, surface chemistry, solutions, solid state, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, chemical equilibrium, energetics, atomic structure and chemical bonding, gaseous and liquid states and general topics.


Physics Syllabus for IIT JEE 2011

Modern physics, photoelectric effect, optics, wave nature of light, electromagnetic induction, electric current, capacitance, electricity and magnetism, thermal physics, wave motion, pressure in a fluid, linear and angular simple harmonic motions, law of gravitation, systems of particles, Newton’s laws of motion, mechanics and general units and dimensions.


Mathematics Syllabus for IIT JEE 2011

Vectors, Integral calculus, differences calculus, three dimensions, two dimensions, analytical geometry, trigonometry and algebra.


IIT JEE 2011 Syllabus for Aptitude Test

Architectural awareness, Three-dimensional perception, Imagination and aesthetic sensitivity, Geometrical drawing, and freehand drawing.

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