Read in detail about MD (Periodontics) course and about the colleges offering MD (Periodontics) courses in India.

MDS (Periodontics)

Periodontics is a branch of Dentistry which deals with the prevention, cure and maintenance of supporting structures of teeth such gums, alveolar bone, cementum etc. If a person wants to pursue a specialization programme in Periodontics he/she can enroll into a post graduate programme in Periodontics. MDS (Periodontics) is a three-year post graduate degree programme. During the course, the students are taught about the diseases, which affect the periodontium, such as tooth loss, alveolar bone loss, accumulation of bacterial bio-film on teeth and gums etc.
Many dental colleges in India offer MDS (Periodontics). One planning to enroll into this programme must possess a graduate degree in Dental Surgery (BDS) from an institute recognized by the Dental Council of India. All medical institutes offer admission to students on the basis of their scores in national or state level centralized entrance exam. After successfully completing MDS (Periodontics) programme, one can always go for a job at government or private hospitals. Check out the list of colleges offering MDS (Periodontics) course in India.

MDS (Periodontics) Colleges


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