Read in detail about MD (Orthodontics) courses and about the colleges offering MD (Orthodontics) course in India.

MDS (Orthodontics)

Orthodontics is a stream of dentistry, which is concerned with correcting the irregularities present in teeth and jaws, which can be by birth or because of some accident. A person who wants to pursue an advanced course in Orthodontics can enroll into post graduate course in Orthodontics. MDS (Orthodontics) is a three year post graduate degree course during which a prospect learns many aspects and techniques of Orthodontics, such as moulding and setting of teeth braces, invis-aligning of teeth, using retainers to remove dental deformity etc.
Many institutes and universities in India offer MDS (Orthodontics). The pre-requisite for pursuing the course is a graduate degree in Dental surgery (BDS) from an institute recognized by the Dental Council of India. Almost all reputed dental colleges in India offer admission to candidates in this course, on the basis of their performance in Centralized Entrance exam, which take place at national level. After successfully completing MDS (Orthodontics) programme, one can join a government or a private hospital. Check out the list of colleges offering course MD (Orthodontics) course in India, given below.

MDS (Orthodontics) Colleges


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