Syllabus For ILI CAT

Syllabus for ILI CAT

ILI CAT, which is also known as Indian Law Institute Common Admission Test, is conducted by Indian Law Institute. It is a deemed university. The entrance test is conducted by the institute to admit students to its postgraduate level programme in the field of law – Master of Laws (LLM), a two-year full time programme.
Paper One - Jurisprudence
Nature and Scope of Jurisprudence (the Ancient Indian Legal Thought and the Early Greek Theories), School of Legal Theory and Legal Concepts.
Paper Two - Judicial Process
Independence of Judiciary, Hierarchy of Courts, Individual and the State, Doctrine of Stare Decisis, Interpretation of Constitution, Appointment of Judges, Judicial Reasoning, Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta of a case, Value Judgments in Law and Interpretation of Statutes.
Paper Three - Legal Research and Methodology
Legal Research in India, Legal Research and Law Reform, Law and Logic, Different Kinds of Legal Research, Techniques of Legal Research, Tools of Legal Research and Sources of Information in Legal Research.
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