Know about the BBA course and colleges offering BBA in India.


BBA or the Bachelor of Business Administration is a bachelor's degree in business administration. In most universities, the BBA degree is conferred upon a student after completion of four years of full-time study.BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) course is designed to give students the basic knowledge and understanding of all the functions of a company like marketing, systems, finance, human resource management etc. BBA is somewhat similar to MBA program. In the final year of study, the student can specialize in any one stream of their choice.

BBA course is aimed at developing student's managerial skills by giving them a broader perspective through knowledge of all functions, which enhances their decision-making capability and sharpen communication skills. The  study methodology in BBA involves training through practical experience in the form of case studies, projects, presentations, industrial visits, and interaction with experts from the industry. This type of curriculum helps the BBA graduates to have an edge over other normal graduates and get direct entry into the corporate world.

  Colleges Offering BBA Courses / Programs

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