Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery or BAMS is a popular course in alternative medicine. Go through the list of colleges offering BAMS in India.


Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, also known as BAMS, is widely popular in India, largely due to the fact that Ayurveda - the ancient form of medicine - has its origin in the country. The course is a five-and-half-year undergraduate programme. It is offered by many universities and Ayurvedic colleges in India. BAMS course generally includes one year of compulsory internship. The course unfolds the different types of treatments used in Ayurveda.
BAMS undergraduates having learnt Sanskrit at their higher secondary level have an added advantage over others, because the medical terms used in Ayurveda are in Sanskrit. Keeping this in mind, some colleges give a brief introduction to the Sanskrit language (generally during the first semester/year of the course), for the sake of non-Sanskrit students. After successfully completing BAMS course, one can become a licensed practitioner in Ayurveda and can work in Ayurvedic hospitals or set up his/her own clinic.

  BAMS Colleges

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