BA (Hons) Hindi is a very popular subject of choice in the field of Arts. Information about colleges in India, offering BA (Hons) Hindi course, is given in this article.

BA (Hons) Hindi

Studying BA (Hons) Hindi course, which is a three-year undergraduate programme, involves acquiring in-depth knowledge of Hindi language, its literature and interdisciplinary themes. The students are enrolled on the basis of their marks in the 12th standard of examination. After successfully completing BA (Hons) Hindi, the students can opt for postgraduate course in Hindi. If you have done remarkably well in graduation, you can aspire to become Hindi teacher in different regions of India where the language is not so popular (due to the greater popularity of the respective regional languages) and even abroad. Translation jobs (from Hindi to various other languages and vice-versa) are also open for Hindi graduates. Check out the colleges imparting BA (Hons) Hindi course in India.

BA (Hons) Hindi Colleges

BA (Hons)

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