Aeronautical Engineering is gradually becoming a prominent career option in engineering. Explore the colleges offering B Tech (Aeronautical Engineering) course in India.

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering, also known as Aerospace Engineering, is a study of new technology in the areas of space exploration, aviation and defense systems. B.Tech in aeronautical engineering, which is a four-year programme, is a new concept in this field, therefore, some engineering colleges in India have added this course as a main part of their curriculum. While pursuing B Tech (Aeronautical Engineering), one can learn construction, designing, testing, development and maintenance of military aircrafts, spacecrafts etc.

B Tech (Aeronautical Engineering) opens up many career opportunities. After completing this course, one can work as aeronautical engineer in national, international, public and private airline services, defense services, Research & Development organizations, civil aviation sector etc. The list of engineering colleges, which offer B Tech (Aeronautical Engineering) course, is given below.

Aeronautical Engineering Colleges

B Tech

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