B Sc (Hons) Chemistry course is a valued subject and is offered in many reputed colleges in India.

B Sc (Hons) Chemistry

In B Sc (Hons) Chemistry, which is a three-year undergraduate course, students are imparted high level knowledge about various theories of chemistry and its branches, including physical chemistry, environmental chemistry, inorganic and organic chemistry, etc. Admission to B Sc (Hons) Chemistry course is done on the basis of either entrance test or merit at 10+2 level exam. Opportunities are largely in the field of research and development (R&D) and in pharmaceuticals and chemical industries, for B Sc (Hons) Chemistry graduates. Doing post graduation in chemistry/clinical research/pharmaceutical chemistry is also a good option, after doing B Sc (Hons) Chemistry. Given below is a list of colleges offering B Sc (Hons) Chemistry course, in India.

B Sc (Hons) Chemistry Colleges

B Sc (Hons)

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