Explore the article to know all about the type of questions that are generally asked in Bank PO (Probationary Officers) exam interview.

Bank PO Interview Questions

Although obtaining qualifying marks in Bank PO exam ensures the eligibility for the post of probationary officer, it is the interview that finalizes the selection for the same. The candidates need to prepare well, before appearing for Bank PO interview. The interviewers are well trained and experienced people, so they might ask you anything to analyze your knowledge and skills in various aspects of banking. This article suggests you some questions, which you can prepare for Bank PO Interview.
Bank PO Interview Preparation Questions
The questions on general awareness can be asked from current affairs, particularly in economics. Talking about the banking sector, here is the list of some common questions that can be asked in your Bank PO interview:
  • What are the good qualities required for a Probationary Officer?
  • What is CRR?
  • What is SLR?
  • What are the commercial and economic functions of the bank?
  • What are the types of Investment banks in India?
  • What is the Repo?
  • What is the difference between Inflation and Deflation in India?
  • How to measure fiscal deficit in India?
  • Who is the governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?
  • What is the bank rate?
  • Why do you want to join this bank?
  • What are the differences between direct and indirect tax?
  • What is the concept of sustainable development?

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