Syllabus For PSBTE JET

Syllabus for PSBTE JET

Punjab State Board of Technical Education Joint Entrance Test (PSBTE JET)is a competitive entrance test conducted for the admission in diploma level engineering programmes. The entrance test is conducted by Punjab State Board of Technical Education and Industrial Training (PSBTE &IT) for enrolling candidates in engineering course and its various branches.
Syllabus for PSBTE JET
Syllabus for Punjab State Board of Technical Education Joint Entrance Test (PSBTE JET)consists of academic curriculum from matriculation level examination and candidate who seeks admission in engineering course of diploma level can prepare for the following topics:
Comprehension, Vocabulary, True or False Statements, Re-ordering of words, Change of sentences, Narration, Use of preposition, Completion of sentence, Punctuation, Spelling testing, Translation
Number Systems, Algebra, Quadratic Equations, Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration, Statistics and Probability
Chemical Substances, their Nature and Behavior, Chemical reactions, Metals and non metals, Carbon Compounds, Periodic classification of elements, World of Living, Life Processes, Control and Co-ordination in animals and plants, Reproduction, Heredity and evolution, Effects of Current, Magnets, Natural Phenomena, Natural Resources, Conservation of natural resources, Regional environment, Sources of energy, Our Environment
Simple Aptitude Test

Scientific Aptitude, Numerical Aptitude, Social Aptitude, Behavioral Science Aptitude, Art Aptitude, Interest areas

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