Syllabus For J&K BPEE CET

Syllabus for J&K BPEE CET

Under the aegis of Government of Jammu & Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir Board of Professional Entrance Examinations conducts Jammu and Kashmir Board of Professional Entrance Examinations Common Entrance Test, which is also known as J&K BPEE CET. The test is conducted for the admission to various undergraduate and postgraduate professional courses conducted by the institutes.
The candidates appearing in the BPEE CET have to prepare on the subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Zoology. Candidates aspiring to join the different programs have to appear for a different combination of subjects according to their preferred field.
Algebra, two dimensional geometry, trigonometry, determinants and matrices, vectors, three dimensional geometry, probability, elementary statistics and dynamics are the topics included in the syllabus.
Physiology of plants, reproduction, development and growth of plants, morphology of plants and genetics, diversity of life and plant classification, ecology environment and biology in human welfare, taxonomy, morphology, anatomy and physiology, cell biology and genetics, origin of life and evolution.
Units and dimensions and their applications, Elastic properties, Kinetic theory of gases, Center of mass of two particle system, Periodic motion, Coulomb’s law, Electric current, Biot-Savart’s law, Induced EMF, Electromagnetic oscillation, Photoelectric effect, Energy bands in solids, etc.
Chemical Bonding and Molecular structure, Periodic Properties, Surface chemistry, States if Matter, Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry, Energetic and Chemical Thermodynamics, Solutions, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Arthematic, Atomic structure and Nuclear Chemistry.
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