Syllabus For Infinity Business School ISAT Entrance Test

Syllabus for Infinity Business School ISAT Entrance Test

Infinity Business School ISAT entrance test, which is also referred to as, Infinity Scholastic Aptitude Test is conducted by Infinity Business School Gurgaon, for selecting deserving candidates for admission into postgraduate diploma program in General Management (PGDGM) course offered at Infinity Business School ISAT. The entrance examination is the gateway for the students for admission into the institute.
Syllabus for Infinity Business School ISAT
There is no set/pre-defined syllabus for Infinity Business School ISAT entrance test. In order to prepare for Verbal Ability section, candidates can practice questions on verbal reasoning, Analogies, Antonyms, idioms, one word substitution, syllogisms, Jumbled paragraphs with 4 or 5 sentences, Jumbled paragraphs (6 sentences with first and last fixed), Sentence Correction, Sentence completion, Sentence correction, Foreign language words used in English, Different usage of same word etc. For Reading Comprehension, practice of both passages and Poems should be done. For the sections of Mental Maths, Data Interpretation skills, Critical Reasoning, Advanced Maths or Abstract Thinking and Lateral Thinking questions on tables and bar graphs, column graphs, pie chart, graphs representing area, line charts, venn diagram etc. Visual reasoning, Symbol Based problems, Assumption- Premise-Conclusion, Coding and decoding, Assertion and reasons, Statements and assumptions, Statements and conclusions, identifying next number in series, Identifying Probably true, Probably false, definitely true, definitely false statement, Linear arrangements, Sequencing, identifying Strong arguments and Weak arguments, etc. could be practiced. Basic questions on Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry can also be revised. In order to attempt, Contemporary Awareness section, read newspaper and magazine on regular basis.
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