Syllabus For Amrita University AEEE Entrance Exam

Syllabus for Amrita University AEEE Entrance Exam

The candidates, who are seeking admission in undergraduate level programme in technology (Bachelor of Technology) of Amrita University, have to appear for AEEE entrance test. The admission test is also known as Amrita Engineering Entrance Examination. The entrance test is conducted by the University at various centers situated in different cities of the country.
The syllabus for Amrita Engineering Entrance Examination is based on the 10+2 level syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
Physics Syllabus for Amrita University AEEE Entrance Exam
Modern physics, ray and wave optics, electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic waves, electrostatics, current electricity and magnetostatics, heat and thermodynamics, oscillations and waves, solids and fluids, mechanics and units and dimensions.
Chemistry Syllabus for Amrita University AEEE Entrance Exam
Chemistry in action & environmental chemistry, syntheic and natural polymers & biomolecules, organic compounds containing oxygen, nitrogen, hydrocarbons & halo alkanes & halo alkenes, organic chemistry fundamentals, nuclear chemistry, co-ordination chemistry, periodic properties, chemical families, chemistry of non metals & metals, redox reactions, electrochemistry & surface chemistry, chemical kinetics & chemical equilibrium, chemical energetics and thermodynamics, solutions, atomic structure, states of matter, basic concepts.
Mathematics Syllabus for Amrita University AEEE Entrance Exam
Conic sections, circles and family of circles, the straight line and pair of straight lines, two dimensional geometry, differential equations, integral calculus, differential calculus, probability, measures of central tendency and dispersion, trigonometry, vector algebra, sequences and series, permutations and combinations, quadratic equations, matrices and determinants, complex numbers.
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