Sports administration has evolved into one of the most lucrative career options with the inflow of global sports events in India. Explore about the courses, colleges, and opportunities for sports administrators in India.

Careers in Sports Administration

Not every sports enthusiast has the skill or luck to excel on the field or court. However, if you arenít able to play your favorite sports professionally, do not be disheartened or go astray from the sports industry altogether. There are numerous career paths available in sports administration through which you can explore your sporting abilities and inspire other people and drive them to new heights of excellence and success in sports. Individuals employed in sports administration are seen as guides to future sports leaders and are known for making a difference in the lives of athletes on and off the field. The profession of sports administration can be taken up by pursuing different sports related job career training programs, designed specially for preparing young aspirants to make a career in sports. The job of a sports administrator involves planning and management of sports activities and events played across nations. Though this rapidly growing industry involves huge amounts of money, name, fame, glamour, and media attention, youngsters are eager to fulfill the demands of quality professionals in this high-flying field.

Course Details
To make a prospering career in sports administration, one needs to acquire a Bachelorís degree in Sports Administration or Physical Education, or its related field which covers the management and administration aspects of the job. Any 10+2 pass-out student with sound sports knowledge is eligible for pursuing these courses. Upon obtaining graduation in any discipline, one can also opt for a post graduate diploma in sports administration. With a graduation degree in Physical Education in any particular sport of oneís liking, one can seek admission in post graduate degree/diploma program in Sports Management/Administration. Besides, possessing a balanced knowledge of sports is highly recommendable for flourishing in this field. As a general rule, experienced sports professionals are appointed as sports administrators, though they are already affiliated with sports industries. Say, for example, former sportsmen do not require formal educational degrees to become sports administrators, though this depends upon individual case and their competence.

Career Prospects
To satisfy the growing professionalism in sports administration, job perspectives in this field are increasing with time. If one wants to excel in the profession of sports administration, he/she should possess a natural passion for sports, along with a clear view on how to manage sporting events. As a sports administrator, one can expect working opportunities in a variety of settings, including schools, colleges, universities, stadiums, offices and organizational programs like sporting events. These professionals are involved in managing and promoting sporting clubs, fitness centers and sports facilities, marketing sports programs, and sales for sporting goods manufacturers. Sports administrators can create opportunities in the management of professional sports.

They can work with various private or government agencies who work in collaboration with sport authorities or sport-related businesses. Whatís more, they even transform into athletic directors, program directors, marketing and promotions directors, goods sales representatives, facilities co-coordinators, athletic program fund raisers, development directors, business managers for sports teams, clubhouse managers, business managers, and school athletics directors. They can also choose to work for promotions and sport broadcasting through various media modes. Physical education instructor, coach, umpire, and referee are some other career options open for sports administrators. Furthermore, one can practice sports medicine or if he/she has a flair for writing, he/she can become a sports journalist.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
There are several reputed private and government institutes in India which offer different courses in sports administration. Some of them include: International Institute of Sports Management, Mumbai; Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu; Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, New Delhi; Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata; Amity School of Physical Studies and Sports Sciences, Noida; Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Punjab; George Group of Colleges, Kolkata; BPCAS College of Physical Education, Mumbai; Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded, Maharashtra; Awadhesh Pratap Singh University, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh; Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad; Utkal University, Bhubaneswar; Osmania University, Visakhapatnam; University of Mysore, Mysore; Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University, Chennai; and Lakhmi Bai National University of Physical Education, Gwalior.

Sports administration is a great career option to start off with those who have a passion and craze for games and sports. Though the scope of immediate growth for sports professionals is limited, but at the entry level, one can expect salary anywhere between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 20,000 per month. With sufficient experience, one can easily push himself/herself to better and higher positions. Those, who desire to work independently, must not start afresh without any experience. With higher level of studies and experience, one can fetch handsome remuneration, with additional perks and incentives. With association to major league teams, one can easily expect a six-figure salary package.

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