Party planning has emerged as a very popular career option in India. Learn about the opportunities for party planners in India.

Careers in Party Planning

A party planner is a person who visualizes, manages, and implements his/her ideas in order to organize a party/event within the budget of his/her client. Party planners, also referred to as party consultants, work on behalf of the clients, keeping their requirements in mind. Their job is to meet the client, know the type of party they want to organize, budget of the party, prepare a list of their needs, and work accordingly. A party planner decides the venue or visits the pre-decided venue and prepares a floor plan. He/She is responsible for each and every work related to the event, right from the menu, decoration, theme of the party, floral arrangement and entertainment (DJ, music, dance etc.), parking space, gifts, etc. It is a profession wherein success is totally dependent upon one’s creativity, communication skills, and the ability to negotiate and co-ordinate with the client.

Course Details
No specific qualification is required to become a party planner. Any creative person, who is good at multi-tasking, can build career in this field. However, one can also pursue a course in event management and become a party planner. Numerous business schools are offering courses in event management that provide a detailed overview of the organization of an event, such as a party. These programs are offered at post graduate degree and diploma levels. Minimum qualification for such programs is graduation in any field, from a recognized University.

Career Prospects
A party planner can work as an event planner, public relations manager, convention assistant, wedding planner, florist, event specialist, communications specialist in events, or manager in an event management company.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
Party planning is among the most popular career options in India. Since no course is specifically designed for party planning, one can pursue a course in event management and opt for a career in this field. Some prominent institutes offering courses in event management are: Amity Institute of Event Management, New Delhi; International Institute of Event Management, Maharashtra; Indian Institute of Event Management, Mumbai; and National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai.

Earning of a party planner totally depends on the nature of the occasion, size of the party, and number of parties organized per year. An individual working for an organization can earn between Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 18,000 per month.

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