Job opportunities for models are available in product advertising, live fashion shows, music videos, in garment fairs and acting in television programs or films.

Careers in Modeling

A positive economic growth resulting from economic reforms and the resultant increase in consumerism with better income levels has given a tremendous boost to the advertising industry. This, along with the increasing reach of electronic media and upsurge in fashion and textile industry, has all contributed in making modeling an attractive and budding career option. It is one of the most fascinating job options and extremely popular among youngsters. Good earnings and instant popularity are the main advantages that a career in modeling can offer. Since modeling is also regarded as a gateway to the film industry, competition in modeling is very high. Modeling, as a profession, attracts males and females equally, though there was a time when females dominated this industry. This is often a short-lived career and, by and large, most models are young, though people with mature looks do well for certain products and styles.

Course Details
No specific qualification, course, or age limit is required to enter this field. However, physical attributes play a significant role. The first and foremost step is to prepare a portfolio. This consists of a series of photographs taken by a professional photographer. The portfolio can then be shown to an advertising agency, a modeling agency, or a fashion designer. The second way is to apply for the contests sponsored by magazines, cloth manufactures, cosmetic companies, etc. and participate in various beauty pageants. Generally, models gain knowledge while on the job, as there is no standard training in this area. Nevertheless, a beginning has been made by ex-models by setting up training schools, particularly in Delhi and Mumbai.

Career Prospects
Modeling in India is mainly categorized into print modeling, television modeling, still modeling, showroom modeling, ramp/live modeling, advertising modeling etc. Job opportunities are available in product advertising, live fashion shows, music videos, garment fairs, and television programs or films. Besides, models having adequate experience in this industry can open schools/institutions for imparting training to aspiring models. Experienced models also can set up model coordinating agencies for providing opportunities to wannabe models. Believed to be the first step to Bollywood, a successful and established model can try his/her luck in film industry.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
There are several modeling agencies in India that can give a good break to start a career in modeling. Some of the popular modeling agencies in India are Face 1, Mumbai; Ozone Models Management, Mumbai; Mayros Management Services, Mumbai; Catwalk, New Delhi; Platinum Models, New Delhi; Glitz, New Delhi; The Ramp, New Delhi; The Tina Factor, New Delhi; The Bridge, New Delhi; Aditi Modeling Service, Bangalore; Passion EC 191, Kolkata; Profilez Estd., Hyderabad; YSG Worldwide Model and Promotion Agency, Mumbai; and New India Models.Com, New Delhi.

A model's fee depends upon his/her ratings, experience, and the state of the fashion/advertising business. Models in India are usually paid for an entire campaign or for the duration of the contract, except for fashion shows and catalogues where they are paid on day-to-day basis. A top model's fee for a show can range from anywhere above Rs. 25,000 to lakhs of rupees for an ad campaign. Low budget shows pay models somewhere around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 per show. Print ads pay according to the number of photographs used. Reputed magazine spreads and billboard advertisements also pay well, around Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 per photograph.

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