Chartered Accountancy/CA provides a variety of options ranging from joining a company or doing private consultancy in Financial Accounting, Auditing, Cost Accounting and Tax Management.

Career in Chartered Accountancy

With rapid growth in Indian economy, Chartered Accountants are in great demand. Chartered Accountants/CA usually occupy high and respectable posts in a given organisation. They are the ones responsible for handling accounts and finance related matters, deal with money management, prepare, analyse and audit accounts along with providing financial advice.

Course Details
There are three levels of Chartered Accountancy Course in India. Common Proficiency Test is an entry-level programme. A student can appear for CPT after passing Senior Secondary Examination. The second stage is Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC), article training and 100 hours of Information Technology Training (ITT) or the students may also opt for Accounting Technician Course (ATC). The third level is the Final (New) Course to which students is registered after clearing IPCC/ATC. Students have to undergo General Management and Communication Skills Course (GMSC) while undergoing Final course or after that. After passing the final course, students are eligible to enroll with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to become Chartered Accountants.

Career Prospects
Professional Chartered Accountants have the option to be appointed as auditors of companies. They can also serve as a management and corporate caretaker. They can also indulge in their private practice of audit and consultancy. The consultancy work is becoming more and more profitable now a days. It involves Financial Accounting, which includes operating accounts, supervising, controlling and organizing income and expenditure and coping with taxes. Chartered Accounts also can take private audit as their profession. It involves verifying books and accounts and issuing certificate about the company's financial state.

The other areas of consultancy are cost accounting that includes working out cost of a particular operation as well as minimizing costs and future forecasting. Tax Management is another type of consultancy taken up by Chartered Accountants. It requires minimization of incidence of direct and indirect taxes using legal means. Besides this, Chartered Accounts often indulge in providing consultancy services in the fields related to finance and accounts. They can efficiently provide services in areas like corporate law advice, project planning and finance, amalgamation and business advice.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is the apex regulator of profession of C.A. in India. Having headquartered in Delhi it has four regional offices at Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, and Kanpur. There are 87 branches within the country and 9 chapters outside the country that enroll, conduct exam, train and grant certificate of practice to C.A. Besides there are other institutes that offer C.A. courses in India: Badruka Institute of Professional Studies, Kachiguda (A.P.); J.G. College of Commerce, Ahmedabad; Allahabad Degree Collage, UP; Agrawal P.G. College, Haryana; A.V.S. College of Arts and Commerce, Salem and many more.

Chartered Accountancy is a profession where returns are quite high be it public, private sector or own consultancy firm. Salaries of C.A. employed in public or private sector companies vary depending upon qualification and experience. Average salaries at junior level are 10000 to 15000 per month while a senior most C.A. can expect to get 50000 to 60000 per month in domestic markets. In abroad salaries may go up to 500000 per month. Chartered Accountants who are engaged in consultancy and private practice are also earning handsome returns depending upon the numbers and kinds of clients they have.

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