Voice-over artists have numerous opportunities in electronic media in India. Learn about career option, education, and courses for voice-over artists in India, with this article.

Career As Voice-Over Artist

A professional who lends his/her voice complement visuals being telecasted on the screen, is called a voice-over artist. Considered as an off-camera commentary, voice-over is a technique wherein the voice is modified and changed to complement the visuals of a tele-film, documentary, advertisement, television serial or news, so broadcasted. Voice-over artists are required in most sectors of media, be it television, films, or even radio, for conveying the messages with precision. The growth of the media industry in India in the last few years has led to the popularity and demand of voice-over artists. Moreover, this profession has become a money-making affair. Good command over the language, voice clarity, and correct diction are the essentials of a voice-over artist. Additionally, a voice-over artist is required to properly synchronize his lip movements, voice pitch, tone, and silence with the gestures and body language of the character, so depicted on the screen. He/She should be skilled enough to convey all emotions, through his/her voice and create a perfect sync with the visuals. To become a good voice-over artist, one should be a great voice modulator.

Course Details
Academic qualifications do not form a major eligibility criterion for entering into this profession. Any person, who can develop a strong character through his/her voice or can convey the same interpretation desired by the director or producer through voice modulation, can think of a career as a voice-over artist. However, considering the boom and proliferation in media, many institutions have come up with specialized programs in voice modulation. Short-term workshops are conducted by numerous media institutions and media organizations.

Career Prospects
There are ample opportunities for a trained and professional voice-over artist. He/She can provide his/her voice in video and radio programs, documentaries, presentations, jingles for advertisements, sports, phone software, multimedia, and news. Media channels and production houses are always in search of good voice-over artists. One can utilize his/her talent by working as a narrator or a dubbing artist. A person with good voice modulation can even try out radio jockeying as a career option. Radio is always in search of proficient radio jockeys. Documentaries are always open for talented voice-over artists.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Courses
Very few institutions offer courses in the field of voice-over. Institutes imparting training in radio jockey/acting also provide good knowledge about voice modulation. Such institutions are: AAROHA- the Center for Voice and Performance Empowerment, Mumbai; R.K. Films & Media Academy, New Delhi; Institute of Voice Culture and Digital Dubbing Studio, Mumbai; Mumbai Film Academy, Mumbai; and Accent & Communication Training Institute India, Mumbai.

The salary of a voice-over artist usually depends upon the length, complexity, and popularity of the program. For a TV serial, a good voice-over artist can be paid between Rs. 5000 and Rs. 8000 per episode. For a documentary or a corporate film, one can easily make Rs. 15,000-20,000. For a film, on the other hand, a voice-over artist can get Rs. 25,000-75,000, for giving his/her voice for a single character. The budget of the film and size of the production house also determines the remuneration of a voice-over artist.

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